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Yanwenxiao's Music LJ


Welcome To My Music Rotaion
The Owner of this rotation is xiaobaobao


1. You must comment on the entry if you took any of the songs. And you must tell me which.
2. You cannot make or state any rude or impolite comments about any of the artists.
3. Please support the artists by purchasing their CDs at the resource I have provided you.
4. These songs are for sampling purposes only, so please delete them after 34 hours from your computer. I am not reponsible if you do not delete them from your computer.
5. If you have a music LJ and wish to post any of the mp3s I provide for you here, please leave a comment or e-mail me to tell me which and where. Be sure to give yanwenxiao the proper credit. Thank you.
6. If you have some request of some music or PV, feel free to ask. I'll try my best to post it as soon as I can. To request, click here